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Minimalist Home Tour: Our Debt-Free Townhome

As a family of 5, we bought a small townhome with cash. Here’s why and how we tried to stay debt-free and minimalist! While saving money and eating healthy, you need a Why to help keep you going! Living debt-free and owning our home was one of ours.

Realistically, we didn’t know if we could do it. A lot could happen that was out of our control. But we were committed to living debt-free, and as our family grew, we changed jobs, and we moved out of state to an area with more opportunities, we remembered our challenge.

Chris and I are both really competitive.

The more people told us we were crazy not to buy a house as soon as we could afford a mortgage, the more we wanted to avoid it….

…We live in an area of the world where many families at our stage of life, with jobs like us, and 3 kids who aren’t little anymore, have fairly large houses. We’re talking 3-4 bedrooms with a garage and a yard and a dog.

Chris and I have lived and traveled abroad, so we know that many people around the world – in both developed countries and third world countries – live in much smaller spaces. So while we would love a bigger house someday, we knew we could live comfortably in much less space.

This post and video was originally posted on my other website. Read it here and watch it below!

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