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Before Tour of Our Fixer-Upper Farmhouse

Want to see our farmhouse? Here’s the official “before” tour of our family’s latest debt-free living adventure: an 80-year-old fixer-upper farmhouse.

Debt-free living changed our lives, and we made it work in a small space while homeschooling, working from home, and raising 3 wild boys. 

But at the end of last year, after a long time of saving money and researching options in our area, our family sold our fairly new 1200 square-foot condo and moved to an 80-year-old, 1100 square-foot farmhouse fixer-upper. 

This post and video was originally posted on my other website. Read it here and watch it below!

Here’s what we covered in the post and video:

  • Our Non-Negotiables while we were looking for this house
  • Paying Cash for a Farmhouse
  • Buying Land on a Budget
  • Finding a Farmhouse with Decent Internet
  • Quick Facts about Our Farmhouse
  • Our Renovation Plans
  • Is This Our Forever Home?
  • Living in Our Fixer-Upper Farmhouse

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